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Welcome to the Doggetts Close,  Neighbourhood Watch & Greenspace Website!

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This is a local website for the EN4 8SJ area so we have Neighbourhood Watch & Police Information & links, Local links, Council & Representative links, a Relax area (listen to music & Rain!!), as well as Local News & Events.

We have a Neighbourhood Watch meeting at least once a year. (usually at the Big Lunch Event)

The Greenspace in DC is maintained by us, for the past fifty years(!) as the Queen is not available to mow the grass! We run a shared petrol mower on the kindness and goodwill not to mention contributions of the householders in DC. All contributions are receipted and the account posted online.

Update May 2016

We have collected £77 (as of 30 May 2016) in contributions towards mowing the greenspace and maintaining the Lawn Mower (in for service next week hopefully!)

Denis Murphy,

Doggetts Close Neighbourhood Watch & Greenspace Co-Ordinator.



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